A Colheita da Fé Dublado

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A Colheita da Fé Dublado

Título Original: All Saints
Título: A Colheita da Fé Dublado
Gênero: Drama
Áudio: Português e Inglês
Legenda: Português
Tamanho: 1,15 GB / 2,02 GB
Formato: MKV
Qualidade: BDRip
Qualidade do Áudio: 10
Qualidade do Vídeo: 10
Ano de Lançamento: 2017
Duração: 108 Minutos


Sinopse: A Colheita da Fé Dublado (download e online) Retrata a história real da vida de Michael Spurlock, que recebeu a ordem de fechar uma pequena igreja do interior mas, ao invés disso, decidiu tomar outros rumos e acabou se tornando pastor do local. E tudo isso após descobrir que, no momento, os fiéis estavam tentando ajudar um grupo de refugiados vindos do sudeste asiático. Juntos, eles farão de tudo para salvar o local.



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Opinião do filme A Colheita da Fé Dublado

This is such a good story on how the failing church is totally revitalized by the unlikely preachers and also how “community” can develop among the most unlikely groups of people. Cultural differences, age differences disappear as they work toward a common goal.

When a preacher is told to close a church and sell off the land, it seems just another move in the downsizing of churches and their people. Then the miracle happens, not the Hollywood “happy ever after” sort of miracle where all crops would be harvested, there would be no floods nor trucks impounded on a hot day, but the real miracle of people learning to listen to each other, to work together, to respect each other, to love each other.

The speech by the Karen man to the church leaders is a focal point and grounded the movie, such a moving moment and so heart breaking, so well done.The simplicity and honesty of this speech helps the church leaders and us the viewers get a small glimpse of what others have suffered and what “mission” actually is.

Each main character learns so much from the experience of trying to save the church and the movie demonstrates it well, the preacher, that sometimes we think God calls us to do something for a particular reason when in reality it is a totally different plan He has in mind. The church leaders learn to listen and one particular one hears again his call to ministry and lastly the ordinary people learn not to give up. A good story told well and with a sense of humor, do go and see this, you’ll feel better for it.
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A nice film you can take your mother and children to see
MartinHafer28 September 2017
While Hollywood is loathe to admit it, while the studios often make money, a very large percentage of the public simply never goes to movies. Some of this, no doubt, is because movies are often filled with violence and other offensive content and many choose not to see it and spend their dollars on such films. Fortunately, in recent years several small studios have sprung up to fill this gap … and “All Saints” is among the best of these films I have seen.

This is the inspirational story of All Saints Episcopal Church, which is in rural Tennessee. The church was about to be sold as the membership had dwindled down to almost nothing. Reverend Spurlock (John Corbett) is brought in to close up shop, so to speak, but ended up leading to an effort to save the church property because it had become just as important as a group of Burmese refugees’ lives .. .and with their help he worked himself to death to save something that was not worth saving.

While technically speaking, there are films that look a bit better and feature CGI and huge stars, this one manages to entertain anyway and it sure did not hurt that picture had Corbett and a few other familiar faces. Overall, very well done and uplifting … the sort of film you could take anyone to see (unless, perhaps, they are Satan worshipers … I would take them to see “It” instead).

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